Friday, June 3, 2011

Individual Optimal Diet Richard Nikoley

Lately, I have been following one great blog about diet, health, and
food. It is the "Free the animal blog" of Richard Nikoley
( He writes with humor and lately has pissed off
many people in the food/diet/nutrition arena including catholics). But
in the process of doing that he is delivering his message across a
broad audience: eat real food, enjoy life, that is all what life is
all about, especially in regard to diet and health.

In the last month he has touched on a concept that is starting to sink
on me. He calls it individual optimality. If I am not mistaken he
basically believes, that there is no optimal diet for groups but for
each individual. There is no general carbs or protein/fat ratios, or
eat this or eat that. There may be individual diet regimes optimal for
each individual and it is each one's responsibility to find out which
one is.

It is a concept of a specifically dietary pattern optimal for yourself
and not for others. I am not sure if this is the exact concept or idea
of Richard, and I hope that he would comment on this post about it,
but in essence it is something I am starting to envision: an optimal
diet tailored only to each of us.

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