Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is it possible to curb hunger?

Hunger is one of our primal instincts. We have developed hunger as a mechanism of letting us, humans, know we need to eat. In cavemen time that meant to go fishing or hunting or gathering some vegetables or fruit to satisfy our hunger for food. Today the story is different. Although we still have hunger as our driving sign to look for food, we have an endless source of food in our home. No need for hunting or gathering. We just go to the fridge and eat.

The majority of people have problems with curbing hunger (or call it appetite in more civilized terms) when going on a weight loss strategy (or diet!!!). This fact got me thinking if it is possible to curb hunger. There are many myths about it around us. But there are some things you can do to lose that ravenous appetite for food.

You can see all sorts of things, especially on the internet but they are all bogus. For example, eat fruit and vegetables, use smaller plates, and eat a lot of protein. I really do not think the any of these strategies will work for one good reason. The problem with eating fruits and smaller plates is that you will be eating low calorie dense food which will only make you want to eat more. Eating only protein does not work because you will need the other two macronutrients (carbs and fat) to feel satiated from food.

So, is it possible to curb hunger?
I have personally found some things that work for curbing hunger. I have tried separately. Perhaps combining some of them will work better:

Chromium picolinate works to curb hunger. I have used and have seem some effect on losing appetite. A study made on depressed patients showed its effect on curbing appetite.

Low carb dieting. I have tried some low carbs diet in my life time and it works for curbing hunger

The Shangri La diet. This may seem strange but eating a few flavorless foods (sugary water or refine olive oil) will curb appetite. You can read the Shangri La Diet here for details. I have not followed Seth Roberts (the creator of the Diet) but many people swear about its effectiveness).

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