Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stuff I Read on the Net And You Should Too

The net has become a huge repository of information. The health and nutrition area has literally exploded in information (and continues to do). Blogs are perhaps the fastest way to diseminate info form traditional sources and they are also the place where different theories are evaluated and discussed.

I thought to do a post titled "Stuff  I Read on the Net And You Should Too". Here are the places I frequently visit for information and to keep ahead on the latest on health and nutrition. I will discuss the five sites I visit almost daily and then, perhaps, write a second post with blogs I visit less frequently.

Matt Metzgar

Matt gives you short summaries of papers and information regarding health and nutrition. You will not find long discussions here but key point in this always changing environment. It is always great to read what Matt has to say, from barefoot running to cooking to the effects of nature on humans

The Daily Lipid

You must read this blog. He has made his mission to rescue the good qualities of fats especially of the vilified cholesterol.

Perfect Health Diet

Although I think there is no perferct diet, Shou-Ching and Paul Jamine are pretty good at explaining medical issues realted to diet. They have published a book. their book and blog promote a sustainable, healthy, longevity-promoting, science-based way of eating and supplementing.

Marks Daily Apple.

This is the blog that many people visit when going primal or Paleo. MArks is very good at distilling the maze of info available everywhere in amazing posts. He writes with humor and scietinfic accurace at the same time

The Healthy Skeptic
Chris Kresser,  a practitioner out of the Bay Area.  I like his latest series on “9 Steps to Perfect Health.” He write with precsion and has made interesting podcasts with others nutritona and health bloggers

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