Friday, July 22, 2011


In our complex modern life we get easily stressed out. I have found that 15 minutes of meditation keeps me sane in this often insane world.

Meditation is simple. You do not have to attend a year-long training scholl to learn meditation. In fact, you could be meditating 15 minutes from reading this post. I hope that you will start a daily routine of 15 min meditation (at first, then you can increase it to 30 minutes or more if you wish).

Posture. You need to be still and confortable for those 15, 30 or 60 minutes while meditating so posture is important. It has to allow you to remain confortable and aware for the time yoou meditate.There are two basic postures but you could also meditate just on a chair. Maybe you should start on a chair and then progres to any of the 2 positions I am going to discuss.

Seated position. Perhaps this is the most known meditation posture. Look at the picture below and I am sure you have seen it.
Cross-legged posture for meditation

To do this cross your legs, straight your back, knees should be lower than your pelvis. Adjust so you feel relaxed but aware of your posture. Do not slump  or over-arch your back.

Kneeling position. This is  aless known meditation position. It is the one I use. It gives me some other benefit I can not put in word perhaps some reminiscence of religiouness, although plese keep in mind that meditation has nothing to do with religion.

Look at the picture below for the kneeling posture.
Kneeling posture for meditation

In the kneeling posture you kneel and put some support under your pelvis, between your legs. A cushion will suffice (it is what I use but a Wooden benche is somehow recommended around. Your pelvis should be at least six inches off the ground so that you don't hurt your knees.

Hands position. You need to adopt your hand in a certain position. It is easy though. Left fingers should rest on top of your right fingers. Your palms should face up. Touch your thumbs lightly together. That's it!

Now that you got your posture rigth. Stay still there for 15 minutes. Bring your attention to your breath.Stay calm. Just look at a fixed point in front of you. You can also close your eyes if you wish but is not necessary. If your mind drifts, gently bring it back. If you can't focus, that's normal. You will do it with practice!!!

Please leave your comment about your experiences with meditation.

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