Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What are Incidental Activities? (and why you should pay attention to them…)

I am going to start to write about simplicity in becoming healthy and lean.

One of the simple things you can do to become healthier is to
increase the amount of incidental activities you perform each day.

What is an Incidental Activity?

An Incidental Activity can be defined as any activity built-up in
small amounts over your day as opposed to your exercise session made
up all-at-once. So if you work in a two story building and walk up and
down to pick up papers, talk to clients, of just for the fun of it,
that is an incidental activity. Incidental activities are those where
you exercise incidentally, not on purpose. Going to the Gym is NOT an
incidental activity while walking to the bus station or to the place
you parked you car in the parking lot is an incidental activity.

This type of activities are very important for your overall health. We
humans have become sedentary because of our jobs, means of
transportation and type of entertainment (videos, TV, social eating,
not dancing, etc). An increase on incidental activities will, on a
long term basis, be beneficial for your overall health and especially
for the cardiovascular health.

There are many SIMPLE things you can do to increase the amount of time
spent on incidental activities both at work, at home, and on leisure
time. Here is a list of them:

At Work*:
-Walking up stairs instead of taking the lift or escalators
-Cycle or walk to work instead of driving
-Get off the train or bus a couple of stops early or park further away and walk
-Organise a weekly exercise sessions at work

At home*:
-Clean your home
-Do some gardening or mow the lawn
-Do the housework instead of hiring help
-Go for a short walk before breakfast, after dinner, or both!
-Be active while watching television (eg. exercise bike or treadmill)

Park further away from the shopping centre and walk the extra distance
• While at the shops, do a few laps of the centre
• Make your leisure activities more active
• Walk at golf instead of using a golf cart
• Walk along the beach
• Throw a football at the park
• Organise active family outings
• Try the many bicycle tracks
• Go for a bushwalk

Incidental activities are wonderful and simple opportunities to GET
MORE ACTIVE, one of the simple thingd we can do to become healthier
and leaner.

Now I want to hear from you, What are your preferred incidental
activity? What has been the strangest incidental activity you have
performed. Leave a comment!!

Eat well, Move more, Live better!!!!

*taken from: http://www.health.qld.gov.au/nutrition/resources/pa_incidental.pdf

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