Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to increase your metabolic flexibility

Metabolic flexibility is the ability of our cells and tissues to switch back and forth between two metabolic pathways: glycolysis and beta-oxidation. Some people may have this ability impaired and as such they may have a great deal of difficulty in burning fat. SO, even if they go on a "diet" they will not be able to burn fat.

There is a simple way to boost your ability to use metabolic flexibility: exercising. Exercise, after all, is important for people trying to lose weight. But not because the calorie deficit thing but because it enhances your metabolism increasing your likelihood of using fat more efficiently.

Look at the conclusion of this study

"…Exercise training, either alone or in combination with weight loss, increases both exercise efficiency and the utilization of fat during moderate physical activity in previously sedentary, obese older adults. Weight loss alone, however, significantly improves neither efficiency nor utilization of fat during exercise."

So if you wish to lose weight by not doing exercise you could do it but it will take longer or in some case maybe impossible. Or look at this other study:

"10 consecutive days of exercise training increased (P ≤ 0.05) FAO [fatty acid oxidation] in the skeletal muscle of lean (+1.7-fold),  obese (+1.8-fold), and previously extremely obese subjects after weight loss (+2.6-fold)…These data indicate that a defect in the ability to oxidize lipid in skeletal muscle is evident with obesity, which is corrected with exercise training but persists after weight loss."

SO, again, to lose weight and more specifically to lose fat you will have to exercise….

But, What kind of exercise? Well, fortunately, you will not have to  kill yourself running endless hours on a treadmill. Look at what they found in this study:

"Aerobic exercise was carried out on a cycling ergometer twice a week  for 30 min at 55% (...). Resistance exercise was performed once a week and comprised one series of eight repetitions at 55% of subjects' previously determined maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) and two series of eight repetitions at 75% MVC and focused on large muscle groups (Chest press, leg extension, lat pull down, leg press, triceps curls, biceps curls, abdominal crunches, and horizontal row)."

So, if you do not like to exercise but know that by exercising for 80 min a week (2 x 30 min + 20 min weight training session) you will regain your metabolic flexibility –a.ka. gain on your health----and may be lose weight…… Wouldn't you do it???? Well, you decide,

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Live well, Enjoy simple life!!!!!

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