Monday, August 15, 2011 Food Plate

Since the goverment of the US introduced the "My Food Plate", there
has been a few trying to come up with their own Food Plates.

Here is one from the web site, a site that
promote a healthy diet (not for weight loss) based on a Paleo approach
but permissive in whay they call "safe starches" (rice, potatoes,
sweet potatoes, taro, tapioca).

Their approach is the result od the analysis laid out in their book,
which recommends a "perfect diet" which mimics the diet of Pacific
Islanders known for their longevity.

It is is basically, a high fat diet, moderately protein and low
carbohydrate diet. However, their low carb definition is different
from the low carb movement. For them, Low carb means less than 600 cal
from carbs, which translate to less than 150 g of carbs (of course
from the safe starches).(low carbers think of less than 50 g for a
diet to be called low-carb).

Now is your turn, Leave a comment of their food plate drawing........


Our approach: simplicity. Eat well, Move more, Enjoy Life.....

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