Saturday, August 6, 2011

Progress: 30-Day Challenge on Intermittent Fasting

OK it has been almost 2 weeks on this challenge. Things are going smoothly. First few days I was only thinking in food during my morning fasting hours. BUt then I adapted well.

Unfortunately I have not lost weight. Perhpas I am overeating during my eating window. Also I have done almost no exercise

I will wait until I have finished and then perhaps see what happens. I am also considering another waY of doing IF.... keep reading. thanks. and please leave your comment



  1. Hi,
    Jack Kruse suggested on his blog post "My Leptin Prescription" eating 50g-75g of protein first thing in the morning as a way to control appetite for the day.
    I think it's easiest at first to do a "skipping breakfast" fast. But I don't think it works well with the body's cycles. Skipping breakfast makes it about food - putting off eating - instead of fasting. Or at least that's my Zen interpretation :)
    I'm trying Jack's method this month and eating twice a day. So far not much hunger, but lower energy. I'm curious to see how I adopt in the next few weeks.

  2. I have been doing IF (16/8) for some 6, 7 weeks now. In my case, it helped me get over a plateau and continue losing weight. It has been a great addition to my routine and I plan on sticking to it indefinitely.

    I am unsure how informative it could be for others, but I have recorded the experience on my blog. Hope it helps.

    Wish you well and thanks again for sharing.